The Korsakow System (the w is pronounced like a v) is a software application created by Berlin based media artist Florian Thalhofer. Korsakow allows users to create interactive, nonlinear, database-driven films. It is free and Open Source, and is available for PCs and Macs. A Korsakow Film is a database film produced using the Korsakow System. Films in a database are linked via keywords. By choosing a film clip the viewer prompts the database to offer other films based on these linking keywords. Through their choices the viewer determines the length and direction of the film. K-Films cover many genres, including narrative, documentary, and experimental. They have also been featured in installations, performances, online portfolios, etc.

My K-film Revolverkow appropriates Guy Ritchie's Revolver and you can watch it here. After the K-film loads click on Revolver to get started. The first film will start to play and a series of images representing new film clips will appear below. To preview roll over the image. Click to play. Make sure your mouse is not resting on the upcoming clips or the sound will play simultaneously with the main clip. Or go ahead and create more of a mashup. The clip that is closest to the end of the original film is tagged as the final clip in this piece. Once you click on it you will be given an option to restart. Try again with other clips. All the cool kids are doin it.

I cut the film into about 60 clips from 3 to 20 seconds long. My criteria for choosing clips was that they have no dialogue. Despite the overwhelming amount of dialogue in this film the narrative remains somewhat incomprehensible. I wanted to give everyone a rest and present a quieter, more thoughtful approach to a film that does contain some awesome acting (I'm not being sarcastic, I swear). Also, I read somewhere that the film is a non-linear narrative, so really I'm just riffing on what Ritchie was already up to. The only clips with dialogue are two with Ray Liotta where he drools and crys and demands that Jason Statham fear him. That shit is epic.

For the most part I tagged the incoming clips as follows: the first clip follows the main clip narratively, the middle clip relates according to style or movement and the last relates thematically. You choose where you want to go next. Follow the narrative, albeit with some gaps but oddly that doesn't make the film less cohesive, or go more experimental and follow the images that appeal to you. Each clip is offered a finite number of times so the choices will start to diminish. Madonna l-u-v's it.

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