photo collage angel and mcdonalds

7th and broadway, los angeles
Welcome to my site! I am an artist, shaman, meditation and yoga instructor. Soon, my site will include information on all of my work. for now, have a look around, watch some of my films, listen to an interview, do some reading. Look through a photo gallery of film stills, read my filmography and bio. You can also check out some time-lapse films on this site or go to my you tube channel. Watch an interactive non-linear Korsakow film. Or check out my adventures in interactivty. Not too adventurous yet, but soon baby, soon! And make sure you roll over this box until you find the angel. Roll over the other photo as well, I took it last spring in Los Angeles at the corner of 7th and Broadway. I've also started a WordPress site marniepants where I've started posting images I'm working on and documenting the work I've been doing in wearable computers.

This site was made possible through the financial support of the Ontario Arts Council.

Contact: marnie(at)marnieparrell(dot)com

updated October 01, 2019